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Issue 2 Cover Release

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We are so excited to finally release the cover for Issue 2! This year's theme is becoming deeply rooted and each quarterly issue is focused on the different stages of that process: Seed > Plant > Branch > Root. 

In the last issue, we talked about the importance of planting seeds. In this issue, our theme is about being a “Plant,” and it focuses on what is required to grow the Gospel seed that God planted in us so that we can flourish, bear fruit, and grow deep roots, even when living in a spiritual desert that attempts to suck us dry. Like a seed, we can’t just leave it in the soil and walk away. The process of growth is labor intensive, and there are a million things around us, trying to deter us from really bearing fruit.

There is a reason why the Bible is filled with verses that use plants as an illustration; the process so closely resonates with our Christian walk. God gives us this picture to help us understand and apply it to our personal relationship with Him. Plant yourself in good soil. Water yourself with the Word. Watch out for the weeds. And in this process, may His grace rain down, supplying us for every need in Him and Him alone.

Some articles you will find in Issue 2:

  • On Discipleship
  • Theology 101: Prolegomena
  • A Look Into My Prayer Journals
  • How Faith Informs Lifestyle Part 2: Does God Promise Health?
  • COMA: How to Properly Study the Bible

There are also articles on adoption, marriage, parenting and more. Issue 2 will be on sale, Lord-willing, in mid-June. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on the sale, future promotions and more sneak peeks. 

Please note that we did make a change to our tagline which now reads "Glorifying God in Womanhood." Our content and sections have not changed but we wanted to clarify that you do not necessarily need to be a mother or wife to take something away from our magazine since we strive to root every application in the Gospel and God's Word. Also, a huge thank you to Troy and Aimee Grover for beautifully photographing our cover image in the hot desert of California. Be sure to stop by their social media pages and let them know what a wonderful job they did.