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Thank You: Issue 2

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We are excited that Issue 2: Plant has made its way to the mailboxes of hundreds of women all over the world! We've received orders from all over the United States and several places overseas, including: England, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, and Canada. And now that our magazines are traveling more miles than ever, we have updated our packaging! All issues are now hand-wrapped in butcher paper and packaged in a sturdy, corrugated cardboard mailer to ensure that your magazine arrives safely. In addition to that, we are including a gift print with every purchase of Issue 2, courtesy of Baylee Hart.

Praise God for blessing us with yet another opportunity to encourage and challenge Christ-following women to know him more deeply. We are grateful for his continuous provision that has come through both reader support and the hard work of our contributors and team members. Countless hours have been put into this magazine by dozens upon dozens of gifted, Christ-loving men and women. We are honored to serve alongside them. 



Glenn Jago
Ann Swindell*
Rachel Williams*
Khrystyne Jaspers
Mandalyn Renicker*
Mel Hennegan 
Amarachi Bard
Karin Griffin*
Rosina Waszaj
Lexy Sauve
Hunter Beless
Heather Craven
Ngoc Nguyen
Teresa Gonzalez
Carissa Belford
Courtney Johnson
Gina Carow*
Danielle Kartes
Shannon Guerra
Yasmin Sarai Robinson*
Andrea Fabry
Brian Sauve


Chris Wright
Kelly Kee
Rachel Wurzbach
Julia Manchik
Benjamin Schipper
Marisa Albrecht
Bobbi Bankston & The Mason Bar Company*
Annetta Bosakova
Jennifer Trovato
Jessica Donar*
Autumn Kern
Meghan Caughill
Esther Lee
Marie Connolly
Lauren Fair
Julianne Murphy*
Karen Kong Schipper
Dianne Jago
Baylee Brown*
Michael Kartes
Lauren Wagoner
Molly Flanagan
Casey Liu

Guest contributors


Daniel Caughill
Ann Swindell
Beth Spurgetis
Thea Rosenburg
Angela Washeck
Katelyn Morton
Lindsay Cournia
Katie Fike


Glenn Jago
Thomas Vetterani
Mel Hennegan


Dianne Jago
Lexy Sauve


Meghan Caughill

And, of course, thank you Readers! The orders keep pouring in and we are forever grateful for all the e-mails, comments, and kind words we are continually receiving in support of our ministry. And if you haven't yet purchased Issue 2, you can go ahead and do so here!