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DIY: Textured Waves

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Words by Robyn Birkey // Images by Stoffer Photography

Being a mama who works in and out of our home, I find it especially hard to fit in the extra time to shampoo, condition, blow-dry, and then style my hair every day. I realized I actually like my hair better when it’s not freshly washed. Thankfully though, just because my hair is dirty, that doesn’t mean I have to resort to putting it up in a ponytail all the time. Through my own love of messy or undone-looking hair, I discovered there is a quick and easy way to give your hair some texture and wave that is best done with second or third day hair.


  • dry shampoo
  • one-inch straightener
  • comb or backcomb brush
  • hairspray/texture spray
  • finishing balm


1. Prep hair with dry shampoo at the roots, focusing mainly on the top sections. Not only will this prevent greasy hair and refresh your scalp, but it will also give a fresh scent to your tresses. 

2. Take a section from ear to ear and secure it on top of your head with a clip or elastic.

3. With a one-inch section of hair, take your straightener and place it close to the root and in between the strand at an upward diagonal. Twist the straightener down and away from your face to make a little wave. Move the straightener down a few inches from the previous curl, and repeat. By not curling the entire strand of hair, it creates a looser, more casual wave.

 4. Work your way around your head, repeating the third step. Feel free to vary where you start your curl on each strand. This makes for a less structured-looking style. Next, take down the top section of your hair and continue curling. If you like your hair to not lay as flat against your head, take a few sections at your crown and backcomb them to give you some volume.

5. Once your hair is completely curled, lift sections of your hair up and as you slowly let your hair fall, spray a lightweight hairspray or texturizing spray into your hair. Run your hands through your hair to loosen any tight curls. It’s best if they aren’t too perfect. Work some light finishing cream or balm into the ends for a little added separation. If you have thin or fine hair you may want to use a very light cream or serum so it doesn’t weigh your hair down.