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DIY: Hand-Painted Easter Eggs

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Words and Images by Julia Manchik

Painting Easter eggs is a classic Easter tradition. Church history teaches that the egg is actually symbolic of Christ resurrecting from his tomb! Freshen up this tradition by painting your eggs with modern patterns and hand-lettered Easter messages.


  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Paint mixing tray 
  • Calligraphy ink
  • Small round paintbrush


  1. Make sure your hard-boiled eggs have cooled. Prepare a workspace that can get a little messy.
  2. Think, search for inspiration, and plan what you want to paint. I did a mix of geometric shapes, natural foliage, florals, polka dots, and lettering with Easter messages.
  3. Try to handle the eggs as little as possible because the ink won’t stick very well where your hands’ oil is left behind. You can paint the eggs free-hand or lightly draw a pattern with pencil (I find this especially helpful for lettering). I wouldn’t go crazy with the pencil marks because erasing is not really possible!
  4. If the egg rolls around as you paint it, it may ruin the wet ink. So hold the egg with two fingers or lay it on a paint mixing tray so it stays in place as you paint. Dipping the brush into a little ink, begin to paint patterns or lettering onto the eggs. 
   5.   Paint one side of an egg, then let it dry on the mixing tray. (It shouldn’t take long.) As it dries, move on to a new egg and come back to the first egg later to paint the other side.
   6.   Don’t let your finished eggs get wet or your artwork will bleed. Display your beautiful hand-painted eggs on a pretty plate or in a basket.
      * This article originally appeared in Issue 5 of Deeply Rooted Magazine, available for individual purchase or with our new subscription service.