5 Things to Love About the Women of Faith Conference

Words by Dianne Jago // Image courtesy of Women of Faith

Last November, some of our team members and I had the privilege of attending the Charlotte, NC, Women of Faith conference. We were able to bless the 6,200 Charlotte attendees with a digital copy of our magazine and experience what this ministry is all about—gathering women together to be encouraged and challenged through teaching, testimonies, and worship. Today we want to share with you five things to love about the Women of Faith conference.

1) You are surrounded by sisters in Christ. 

There are literally thousands of women gathering from afar to attend each conference. Upon walking into the auditorium I was flooded with emotion as I saw a visual picture of the body of Christ coming together for the same purpose. 

2) It's a major production.

While entertainment is not the sole intent, the WOF team does a great job of maintaining the energy with their lights, the music, enthusiasm of the speakers, and exciting transitions. My team and I had the opportunity to hear speakers like Christine Caine (whom we interviewed for Issue 5) and Lysa TerKeurst, while being led in worship by artists like Matthew West and Laura Story. 

3) The Gospel is presented.

The speakers were not afraid to be bold for the sake of the Gospel and it was deeply encouraging to know that attendees were able to hear about Christ's death and resurrection, and the implications of that on our lives.

4) But it's also a great place to bring friends who might never go to church with you. 

One of the goals of this conference is to provide neutral ground for women who might never step foot into a church building. At the Charlotte conference alone, 151 first-time decisions for Christ were made. 

5) You will walk away with something.

During our time there, we had five sessions filled with speakers that were all very passionate about their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Their testimonies were equally as powerful as they were transparent. There is no way you can sit through an entire conference and not be challenged or encouraged in your faith. If you are open to it, the Holy Spirit will use this conference to change and transform you.

Women of Faith is celebrating 20 years in ministry this year with their  Farewell Tour. They will be traveling to 18 cities across the country and you have the opportunity to participate in one of their events. They are kicking off their first event in Billings, Montana, on April 24th and will be hosting events all throughout the year!

Think you want to attend a Women of Faith conference near you? Use discount code DR20 to take $20 off your conference ticket!

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Cristy B
Cristy B

April 19, 2015

I have attended 5 years of WOF in Kansas City. This year in August we will attend in Lincoln. I look forward to this weekend every year! The speakers are amazing! God will find a way to touch each person through the words of others! The music is amazing! Nothing like singing and praising Jesus and the power of God is felt throughout your body! He is with us always, but when you are with 5000-6000 woman all praising him, his presence is there for all to feel!

Sheryl Perkins
Sheryl Perkins

April 18, 2015

Women of Faith is a wonderful event, I’ve enjoyed it for most of the 20 yrs, so sorry for it to end, hoping they’ll start some new events to look forward to. I’m so excited to be attending the Hartford CT event this year! It’s an experience that is hard to explain to others, it must be experienced.


April 18, 2015

Oh I want to know God More!!! Can’t wait for next weekend. Women of Faith. Welcome to Billings Montana. We are praying for you to be blessed also

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