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DIY: Cotton Stem Wreath—A Fresh Look for Summertime

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Words by Kriste Janczyk // Images by Autumn Kern

There is something about bringing nature into my home that strikes my heart. I find that it connects me to creation in a way that nothing else can. To go outside and experience it is to remove yourself from your home, but to bring the outside in allows you to maintain a constant connection with creation, and in turn, the Father’s heart. With our fast-paced society constantly begging for more time at desks and computers, it has become harder and harder to get into nature and experience God there. The invitation of nature into our living space creates room for those experiences—even while caught up in the chaos of work, parenting, and nesting.

This wreath project was designed to usher those encounters with God as Creator into the home. By choosing natural materials, I was able echo the beauty of our outdoor environment in our home, creating space to recognize the special work of the Father.


  • 1 bundle of bendable twigs—birch or willow branches work great
  • 1 roll of brown floral tape
  • 2-3 stems of cotton
  • Scissors

Time: Approximately an hour

Step 1: Grab two handfuls of twigs and overlap by about six inches. Then, take the floral tape and wrap around bundle until secure. Make sure you wind the tape nice and tightly so that the twigs remain secure when bent into the wreath’s final shape.

Step 2: Bend the two sections (gently) into a circle and overlap another six inches. Wrap the section with tape the same way as before. You may need to play around with bending the twigs a little bit more to get a full, round shape.

Step 3: Detach sections of the cotton stems and secure them on top of the tape. Pick pieces that have some layers so that the tape is hidden once you secure the stems.

Step 4: Continue to fill in with the stems until you reach your desired fullness. I chose to keep my project light and airy, but you can also continue to fill in the wreath for a fluffier effect.

All that’s left is to pick a wall or pretty door to display and you are finished!