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29 Jan, 2015

DIY: Glitter Mason Jars

One way to brighten a gloomy spirit during the winter months is to bring in decorations that will lighten the mood. These glitter mason jars do just that. I made these as the centerpieces for my wedding and have loved using them to decorate my home since then. They are perfect for any season, but especially during gloomy winter months...
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09 Oct, 2014

DIY: Textured Waves

Being a mama who works in and out of our home, I find it especially hard to fit in the extra time to shampoo, condition, blow-dry, and then style my hair every day. I realized I actually like my hair better when it’s not freshly washed. Thankfully though, just because my hair is dirty, that doesn’t mean I have to resort to putting it up in a ponytail all the time. Through my own love of messy or undone-looking hair, I discovered there is a quick and easy way to give your hair some texture and wave that is best done with second or third day hair...
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29 Aug, 2014

DIY: Sunburn Remedy

Even with the best of precautions sunburn still happens.  Consider having this DIY natural remedy on hand to reduce pain and promote quick healing...
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10 Jun, 2014

DIY: Quick and Easy Wall Hanging

"The incredible thing about having a home is that you have this little spot in the world that's yours, a place that God has provided and allowed you to make your own. I love being able to express my creativity in creating art for our home. I look forward to our future children looking at these pieces and cherishing them as treasures as they grow old -- something I can pass onto them that will someday make their own house a home."
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