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22 Oct, 2015

Losing Control

If the Gospel is true, the ultimate reality yet to be realized is hope, not despair. I really believe that Jesus is going to make all things new. I really believe that we are a tiny dot somewhere in the arc of a long, redemptive story. But it’s so easy to forget that—to get so wrapped up in our own story and our own needs and wants that we lose perspective. But because I don’t know what God is up to, ever really, except for writing this long story of redemption, it does take faith—real faith—to trust in God’s goodness.…
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12 Oct, 2015

Wipe the Shame Off Your Face

I, like all of human creation, am a gaze-shifter. My intentions are always admirable; I intend to follow the Lord, and I set out to run after him, eyes fixed on his face. On my way to him, though, there are undoubtedly alluring distractions along my path. I tell myself I’m still running toward God, looking toward him, but in reality, my eyes drop a bit. I shift from focusing on the Highest of Highs, to looking eye-level.…
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01 Oct, 2015

From Where I'm Sitting

Here we are in a popular, nice restaurant—a whole group of women from our church waiting to go to a women’s conference session this evening.  We have all just arrived, thrown our suitcases into our rooms, and headed out to dinner before the first session.  Things are great, until the service is slow.…
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24 Sep, 2015

A Reflection for Ordinary Time

When I don't actively intervene in my thought life, I am distracted all day by whatever is loud, whatever is urgent, whatever is convenient, whatever is flashy, whatever is on sale, whatever happens to be in front of my eyes.  At the end of the day, I am no closer to the God of peace than I was when I began.…
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