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20 Nov, 2014

Gathered Fragments

“And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, ‘Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.’” (John 6:12)
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31 Oct, 2014

Reverse Trick or Treating

So much about Halloween can be dark, scary, and sometimes even satanic that we as believers often find ourselves torn between what is right and wrong. Should I let my kids go trick-or-treating? Is it okay if they trick-or-treat, as long as they don’t dress up as a witch or gargoyle? Maybe we aren’t really participating in Halloween if we just give out candy and refrain from sending our own kids out with costumes and pillowcases. And who really has the right answer?
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09 Oct, 2014

DIY: Textured Waves

Being a mama who works in and out of our home, I find it especially hard to fit in the extra time to shampoo, condition, blow-dry, and then style my hair every day. I realized I actually like my hair better when it’s not freshly washed. Thankfully though, just because my hair is dirty, that doesn’t mean I have to resort to putting it up in a ponytail all the time. Through my own love of messy or undone-looking hair, I discovered there is a quick and easy way to give your hair some texture and wave that is best done with second or third day hair...
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31 Jul, 2014

Friendship 101


Biblically, those who have good friendships stand firm, and those who don’t, falter. “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Prov. 18:24). Friendship is arguably one of the most important investments you can make on this earth.

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