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20 Aug, 2015

Q&A with Author Gloria Furman

When introducing Gloria Furman, it’s hard to know where to start. She is a blogger, doula, and pastor's wife in the United Arab Emirates. She’s the mother of four children and the author of three books: Glimpses of Grace, The Pastor’s Wife, and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full. But when reading her books and corresponding with her in preparation for this interview, I noticed a tranquility in her writing that pressed beyond a simple list of titles. Her words beat unceasingly on one drum: Grace. Grace. Grace....

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10 Apr, 2015

Q&A with documentarian Brian Ivie of The Drop Box

The Drop Box may have been released in theatres near you for just a few nights recently, and if so, you were sure to hear about the many tears it caused people to shed. This documentary set out to capture the heartbreaking story about newborns being abandoned, literally left to die, in Seoul, South Korea. Pastor Lee, a native to South Korea, felt God tugging at his heart to give his life in order to save the lives of as many of these children as he could. In order to do so, he installed a baby box in their church a few years ago. This was a place where parents could anonymously drop off their babies. This ministry has grown, been written about, and now Brian Ivie has captured this Gospel-love story in the form of a documentary...
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