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27 Oct, 2014

5 Ways Your Child Might Be Struggling

When I think of children, I often think of smiles, laughter, joy, dirt, dress-up clothes, and toys. But that is not how it always goes; there are tears, tantrums, and bad dreams as well. Sometimes beneath the freedom displayed during playtime are deep questions and fears that should be addressed. I believe that a child’s growing-up years are extremely important. Just because children are young, that does not mean they do not have struggles or challenges. A parent has the power to shape a child’s belief system, worldview, self-image, and attitudes...
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26 Sep, 2014


My priorities during the day include loving Jesus and my little boy. There will always be dust to clean, laundry to do, dishes to stack neatly in a cupboard. But there will not always be a little boy to raise and point to the Lord. In truth, I do housework in vain because the clutter and dirt will return day after day after day. But my little boy won’t...
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09 May, 2014

Hope for the Grieving Mom on Mother’s Day

"This year marks my second Mother’s Day. I am the mother of a loving, rambunctious toddler who loves to tell everyone he knows that he’ll be “two in June.” This year also marks my first Mother’s Day grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage. I should be pregnant right now, and jokingly wondering how I’ll survive the impending summer heat with an enormous belly. On days like today, the loss is a little more palpable, a little more raw and real. I’m not anti-Mother’s Day by any means; it’s good and right to honor and celebrate the mothers in our lives. But if you’re grieving a loss, you may need some space to remember and reflect."

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27 Mar, 2014


"I used to think I had things under control. Life was a simple melody, and our home was an instrument that was easily tuned. And then we had kids. We learned about God’s sense of humor. Our melody turned into harmony, and the chords started to weave in and out of dissonance as we all learned to play together. . ."

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