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27 Oct, 2014

5 Ways Your Child Might Be Struggling

When I think of children, I often think of smiles, laughter, joy, dirt, dress-up clothes, and toys. But that is not how it always goes; there are tears, tantrums, and bad dreams as well. Sometimes beneath the freedom displayed during playtime are deep questions and fears that should be addressed. I believe that a child’s growing-up years are extremely important. Just because children are young, that does not mean they do not have struggles or challenges. A parent has the power to shape a child’s belief system, worldview, self-image, and attitudes...
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17 Oct, 2014

Heavenly Contentment

I seek to find contentment here, to find a mental place of satisfaction in the midst of this culture and this world. It’s not easy. No, I’m beginning to feel that we are not meant to be satisfied here. As believers, our souls have been created to be fulfilled only by the Creator. And yet I still catch myself trying to satisfy my soul in every other way but him...
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09 Oct, 2014

DIY: Textured Waves

Being a mama who works in and out of our home, I find it especially hard to fit in the extra time to shampoo, condition, blow-dry, and then style my hair every day. I realized I actually like my hair better when it’s not freshly washed. Thankfully though, just because my hair is dirty, that doesn’t mean I have to resort to putting it up in a ponytail all the time. Through my own love of messy or undone-looking hair, I discovered there is a quick and easy way to give your hair some texture and wave that is best done with second or third day hair...
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02 Oct, 2014

The Amnesia of Grace

If you are one that is “churched” in America today, there is a chance that you have walked down an aisle or prayed a prayer of repentance of sin and asked the Lord Jesus to come into your life. There is no moment so sweet to the Christian as the moment they understood what sin is, what sin has done to their life, and that they are forgiven by the blood of Jesus’ death on the cross. I hold mine as the most important transforming moment in my life...
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