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02 Jun, 2014

Issue 2 Cover Release

"In the last issue, we talked about the importance of planting seeds. In this issue, our theme is about being a “Plant,” and it focuses on what is required to grow the Gospel seed that God planted in us so that we can flourish, bear fruit, and grow deep roots, even when living in a spiritual desert that attempts to suck us dry. Like a seed, we can’t just leave it in the soil and walk away. The process of growth is labor intensive, and there are a million things around us, trying to deter us from really bearing fruit."
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31 May, 2014

Issue One Corrections

"We want to continue to thank all of our readers, supporters, and staff who have contributed in one way or another to the success of our first issue. As this was our first print issue, we have been through a crash course in magazine publishing, and are continuing to learn along the way. Somewhere in the process of receiving submissions, editing, designing, and finalizing, there were errors that slipped through the cracks, and for that we must apologize. We stand for truth as a magazine, and it is of great importance to us that we represent truth well. In this particular case that includes . . ."
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11 May, 2014

Love Makes A Mother

"Love and sacrifice. It was love that led Christ to come to earth, and it was love that led Him to—and through—the cross. As women made in his image, we are called to love and serve those in our care, whether they are our physical or spiritual children. But truly loving and sacrificing for others is costly, in small and large ways."
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09 May, 2014

Hope for the Grieving Mom on Mother’s Day

"This year marks my second Mother’s Day. I am the mother of a loving, rambunctious toddler who loves to tell everyone he knows that he’ll be “two in June.” This year also marks my first Mother’s Day grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage. I should be pregnant right now, and jokingly wondering how I’ll survive the impending summer heat with an enormous belly. On days like today, the loss is a little more palpable, a little more raw and real. I’m not anti-Mother’s Day by any means; it’s good and right to honor and celebrate the mothers in our lives. But if you’re grieving a loss, you may need some space to remember and reflect."

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