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22 Jul, 2014

Thank You: Issue 2

We are excited that Issue 2: Plant has made its way to the mailboxes of hundreds of women all over the world! We've received orders from all over the United States and several places overseas, including: England, Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, and Canada ... Praise God for blessing us with yet another opportunity to encourage and challenge Christ-following women to know him more deeply. We are grateful for his continuous provision that has come through both reader support and the hard work of our contributors and team members.
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13 Jun, 2014

Father’s Day Cilantro Turkey Burgers with Guacamole, Chipotle Mayo, and a Cream Soda Float

"When we read these passages we are reminded of the great responsibility placed on our husbands and fathers. God has entrusted them with the roles of leader, provider, and servant, to name a few. They are models of Christ in our lives, and as such they represent our heavenly father on this side of eternity. We are grateful for them, and on this special day we have the opportunity to shower them with our love and service. In our home, there is no better way to show dad we love him than by sharing a hearty meal together."
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10 Jun, 2014

DIY: Quick and Easy Wall Hanging

"The incredible thing about having a home is that you have this little spot in the world that's yours, a place that God has provided and allowed you to make your own. I love being able to express my creativity in creating art for our home. I look forward to our future children looking at these pieces and cherishing them as treasures as they grow old -- something I can pass onto them that will someday make their own house a home."
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02 Jun, 2014

Issue 2 Cover Release

"In the last issue, we talked about the importance of planting seeds. In this issue, our theme is about being a “Plant,” and it focuses on what is required to grow the Gospel seed that God planted in us so that we can flourish, bear fruit, and grow deep roots, even when living in a spiritual desert that attempts to suck us dry. Like a seed, we can’t just leave it in the soil and walk away. The process of growth is labor intensive, and there are a million things around us, trying to deter us from really bearing fruit."
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