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Issue eight is called  Love. 

How ought we to understand love? Poets describe it as a passion held out between lovers to give and to take. Revolutionaries describe it as a deed wrought by mankind for the good of humanity. Lovers themselves might say it's making the improbable choice. 

But the truth about love is this: it is a King, holy but made low. Love is pinned to a cross without want or condition so that he might reclaim our squandered passions, commit the deed unachievable by man, and choose to offer grace when all we could do was face a sinner's justice.

  • Strive to Enter God's Rest
  • Loving Others Well on Social Media
  • Myths About Love

"We love because He first loved us." -1 John 4:19

DETAILS // 126 pages; 21 articles; offset printed and perfect bound; uv-coated cover; full color; printed in the USA

Cover photo by Marisa Albrecht

Print - Issue 8: Love

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