Below is a list of our regular contributing artists:

Pennsylvania // Photographer

Marisa Albrecht is a freelance photographer shooting travel, editorial, creative portraiture, and fine art weddings. She is a lover of community with an ever-wandering, nomadic heart, living off the great motto "work hard, travel harder." The unfamiliarity of discovering a new place, and the people and cultures who inhabit it, makes her heart beat. She has previously traveled to over 21 countries with a team of fellow photographers, volunteering and raising awareness for global injustice through media and storytelling. She is passionate about authenticity and pursuing your dreams. Her heart is to create images that provoke thought, release emotion, inspire action, and breathe life—finding beauty in the simplicity of the seemingly mundane. Marisa would choose plants over flowers any day, prefers rocky sea cliffs and mossy woods to coconuts and palm trees, and is always up for adventure with her husband, Jonathan Eric. Find her at MARISAALBRECHT.TUMBLR.COM

Texas // Calligrapher
I’m Whitney—a calligrapher, crafter, and lover of all things handmade. A born and bred Texan, I currently reside in the festive city of San Antonio with my husband. I am driven and inspired by the people around me. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and change: these are the things that move me to create. I find joy in living simply and working with my hands. One of God’s innumerable gifts to me was a deep passion to make and the ability to do so. My love of beautiful words written on paper in careful penmanship led to my discovery of the art of calligraphy. Find me at WHITNEYFARNSWORTH.COM


Oregon // Hand-letterer
Hello, I'm Baylee. I reside in the beautiful state of Oregon with my husband, our two chinchillas, and our kitty. I have a heart for helping people and bringing others joy with what I create. I work as a graphic designer for Sseko Designs, an ethical fashion company that enables my Ugandan sisters to afford to go to college and pursue their dreams. In my free time I enjoy doing crafts and anything DIY, drinking lots of coffee, taking pictures, and going on adventures with my honey. Find me at BAYLEEHART.COM   

Pennsylvania // Photographer
Autumn is a freelance photographer shooting lifestyle and wedding work around the country with wild, adventure-chasing dreamers. She spends a decent amount of time flirting with her ridiculously attractive business partner (and husband), Josh, and hoping people show up late to meetings so she can read some more of the book in her bag. The belief that every person's story is intricately wound into the greater narrative of God's redemptive work pushes her creatively and drives her work forward. A firm believer in things done well but simply, Autumn loves perfectly brewed coffee, well-written letters, and impromptu meals with friends. If she and Josh aren't chasing down wedding guests for family photos or brainstorming for shoots, you can find them competitively bidding at auctions, knocking back caffeine, or planning their next trip.  Find Autumn at WEARETHEKERNS.COM 

California // Illustrator
Christina Song lives with her husband, german shepherd, and rabbit near Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. It is evident that the Lord has gifted her with a truly creative spirit, and a passion to form art with her hands. God's creation through nature has always been her wellspring for inspiration. It is therefore Christina's aim to highlight His work in hers. She is constantly reminded that our Creator is the original artist, and it is to Him that all glory belongs. When Christina is not working on projects, she loves to cook, bake, read, photograph, and explore. You can find out more about her at CHRISTINA-SONG.COM

Florida // Photographer
Hello, I’m Kelly. I am a natural light photographer, wife to a wonderful man, and mama to our sweet son and hound pup. I have loved photography since I was a girl, experimenting with all of my dad's old cameras. After studying photojournalism in college, I fell more in love with the art of telling stories through photos. My life is simple and I am daily being humbled in grace to see more and more of God's glory here on earth. My little family and I love traveling and exploring new places, supporting the local community, and good coffee, of course. Find me at KELLYKEEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM  

California // Photographer

My name is Emily and I am a twenty-something-year-old wedding and lifestyle photographer living in Los Angeles, CA. I love laughing, digging into God's word, and turning shared life in squares on social media into real life friendships and community. If I’m not photographing the raddest couples in the world, I’m mentally packing a bag for Ireland, or more likely still in my pajamas dreaming about it—yes, even if it’s well past morning. Traveling is my thing and I wish Baby Animal Cuddler was a career choice or that chocolate had no calories, but above all and most importantly, you can always find me glorifying and advancing the kingdom of our Creator, for I would not be anywhere I am today without His faithfulness, righteousness, and redemption. Find me at EMILYMAGERS.COM

Washington // Photographer
Candice Hackett is a portrait photographer, amateur gluten-free baker, and wife to Mr. Hackett.  She loves window light, classic novels, tweed blazers, fresh blooms, good coffee (lots of coffee), laughs with friends, and bike rides on Clementine the Cruiser.  She and her husband are big dreamers, walking in God’s grace, and striving to live a quiet life—investing their time and hearts into their community. Find her at IVYANDTWEED.COM

North Carolina // Photographers
Jessica and her husband Brett are a lifestyle and wedding photography duo living in Raleigh, North Carolina. They're lovers of the mountains, travel, beautiful light, coffee and adventure. They welcomed their new baby boy, Forrest into the world in October of 2015 and is the center of their universe. They have a newfound love of documenting their family life and sharing it on Instagram along with their other day to day endeavors and adventures. Find them at

Washington // Photographer
Megan Holloway is a photographer based out of Seattle, Washington. She & her husband, Austin, make up Ink & Grain, a design and photography business they launched in 2015. When she's not taking pictures, Megan enjoys floral arranging, bicycle riding, playing the piano (or at least trying), and dreaming of one day owning a fair-trade wedding dress shop. She loves good coffee, meaningful conversations, and anything written by Jane Austen. Find her at

Maryland // Illustrator
Hello, I'm Yuris. I reside in Maryland with my best friend and husband, Elias. I run an online shop, Salt Stains, which opened in late 2014. Usually, you'll find me illustrating and lettering wedding vows or Scripture verses combined with nature. I see the God of the Bible in the intricacy and grandeur of nature, and nothing inspires me more than that. I'm incredibly thankful that God has granted this dream of mine to give Him glory through my work and reach people across the world with encouragement and biblical Truth. My prayer is to make one salt stain at a time with each item that goes out, for I am called to be salt and light of the world! Join me in my journey at SALTSTAINS.COM.

Oregon // Illustrator

Emilie is a self-taught artist who spent most of her childhood and youth constantly creating in all forms and mediums. Emilie took a turn in her creatives in the past year to focus on the practice and design of all things floral, inspired by scientific illustrations. She finds life in creating things that simply reflect the beauty and abundant life Jesus has given us. Her heart in the arts is to see and be a part of artists coming together as a reflection of the body of Christ, communicating and expressing God's heart through creativity. She's an avid coffee drinker, a big fan of days with no plans and loves a good day outdoors as much as one spent in baking healthy treats and creating away. Follow her creative musings on her Instagram, @helloimemilie.

Hawaii // Photographer
Hey, friends! My name is Sunny and I'm a photo-taker creating from the Island of Oahu! I love capturing people laughing hard, dancing, frolicking, and enjoying beautiful creation! When not shooting you can find me adventuring the island, whether that means hiking, picnicking, long beach days, watching colorful sunsets or food truck hopping. I'm also constantly dreaming of traveling and discovering new places all over the world along with the new communities and awesome people that go with them. Aside from my passion for photography I'm learning what it means to abide in my Lord and glorify Him with my life! He has flipped my life upside-down (in the best of ways) and is turning me into this adventurous person I never thought I could be before Him.

Tennessee // Illustrator
Margot + Co is a homey studio helping creative women make beautiful brands through design + illustration. Margot Groner, designer and founder, is an earl grey tea sipper (heavy on the honey), a plant collector and an athleisure supporter. She paints, sketches and spends endless amount of time in Photoshop during the week, and geeks out over yardsales, home decor, and gardening during the weekend. She's a musky scented candle lighter, sneaker wearer, and newlywed living in Nashville, TN. You can find her work at

Pennsylvania // Photographers
Tim and Lauren are a husband-wife photography team who travel together documenting adventurous love stories. In addition to serving at their church on the worship team, and writing/playing music for their church, they love exploring new places, film cameras, their dog Oliver, and restoring their old farmhouse in their free time! Find them at LAURENFAIRPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Washington // Photographer
Jessie is an artistic portrait photographer based out of Vancouver, WA specializing in wedding + lifestyle photography. She is a wife to her husband Chad, and mother of two little boys, William + Rowan. She is known for capturing deeply emotional photographs that are paired with storytelling. The passion behind her work stems from seeing beauty in God’s creation: us. All are created as image barriers, yet we are all so uniquely different. You can find her work at or on Instagram via @JessiChristensen


Florida // Photographer
Hey, y’all. I’m Shannon—a photographer and a poet and a dreamer on my best days, a kitten cuddler and coffee hoarder on my off days (of which there are many). My life is a constant process of uncovering and discovering new depths to the love Jesus has for me; a constant journey of unraveling the old exterior and becoming undone before him and those he has placed in my life. I’m all about no-gimmicks, no false smiles, no have-it-all-together nonsense. Life is short—I’m ready to be messy and to be real. I make more mistakes than I get things right. I laugh too loudly and speak my mind too quickly and I eat about five too many donuts a day. For real. The beautiful thing is that Jesus is working on me and I can’t wait to see what he does next. Pretty sure it’s going to be great (and messy)! Find me at VINEANGLIGHT.COM