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Our Story

In January 2014, Christian writer/creator, wife and mom Dianne Jago launched a 30-day all-or-nothing campaign to raise $11,200 on crowdsourcing website Indiegogo. The money would be used to produce a new kind of Christian women’s magazine.

Several beautiful, independent publications already existed—ones that incorporated clean design, substantive content and an ad-free experience. The problem? So many focused on worldly pursuits. Pinterest and Instagram are proof that women are searching. There’s no shortage of workout plans, perfectly-curated wardrobes, and self-help quotes out there. But if you untangle all the webs, you’ll find one common denominator and that is the desire to improve self and quality of lifeneither of which can truly satisfy outside of Christ.

Dianne thought, ‘What if we could offer the same aesthetic and quality of magazine for women, but make it rooted in Biblical truth? Could we draw in readers with beautiful imagery while feeding them with Gospel-centered articles?’

Deeply Rooted Magazine was born.

She wasn’t sure if anybody wanted to read the sort of content she wanted to put out, but she and her husband Ethan had prayed faithfully that God would provide the funds to print one magazine, and they’d think about what came next after that.

Nearly $15,000 poured in from contributors, and Dianne got to work building a team of volunteer writers, photographers, and designers to make the Deeply Rooted vision come to life.

Deeply Rooted exists to be a light in the midst of the things working overtime to steal our attention and affections away from God. Through our publication, we seek to deliver rich content, written and created by published authors, pastors, women, and talented artists. We want all that we do to be centered on the one true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now the magazine’s Chief Editor, Dianne thanks God for His provision in every step of this process. As a military wife who started the publication in Georgia, uprooted her family when re-stationed to Pennsylvania, endured multiple deployments of her husband, served her three children as well as her local church, she and the Deeply Rooted team have seen the magazine through several changes.

In October of 2016, Deeply Rooted hosted their very first retreat in Pennsylvania. Women from across the country gathered together and spent the weekend worshipping alongside one another.

Whether through issues produced by a remote team of creatives spread across the country or curating and making available for sale items to use in the home, Deeply Rooted remains committed to following wherever the Lord calls us in this little ministry.

The vision has never changed: to point us back to the One who is worthy of our lives, marriages, mothering. It is our hope that we would equip women with tools to grow in their faith.

It is our mission to inspire Christ-following women into a deeply rooted relationship with Jesus Christ.