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Georgia // Writer
Hunter is a journey-woman for Christ. She believes God has called her to seek after those who are lost and guide them back to their Heavenly Father. She passionately exercises this God-given design through her roles as a wife, mama, and writer. Though they stumble often, Hunter and her husband Brooks strive to display God's covenant-keeping love through their marriage and oneness. They recently had their first baby, Hadley Grace. Hunter, Brooks, and Hadley love journeying through life together for the glory of God. Find her at HUNTERBELESS.COM

Pennsylvania // Writer
Dr. Glenn Jago has been the Senior Pastor at Church of the Open Door in Fort Washington, PA since January of 2001. Glenn and his wife, Tammy, have three grown children and are happy grandparents.  Glenn received a Bachelor of Arts in Bible with a minor in Biblical Greek language from Pensacola Christian College. In 1981, he returned to Lansdale and graduated from the Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree. Then in 2011, Glenn received the Doctor of Ministry degree in Expository Preaching from The Masters Seminary in California. Prior to his joining COD, Glenn has served as youth pastor in Florida and Georgia, started a new church in the Ocean City, MD area, was a Greek and New Testament Professor at Pensacola Christian College, and a Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Cantonment in Florida.
Minnesota // Writer

I grew up in NE Wisconsin and attended Northland Baptist Bible College, where I met my husband. In 1999, I graduated with a Biblical Counseling degree and married Brent. We moved to WV for 3 years to lead youth ministry. God called us back to Northland in 2002, so Brent could teach New Testament classes. We teamed with 4 other couples to plant a church in Norway, MI in 2004. We love serving the local church— Christ’s body. We have 5 active children ages 5-12, with a set of twins in the middle. In June 2013, we moved to Plymouth, MN where we currently serve at Fourth Baptist Church and Brent is the Vice President of Central Seminary. I have a growing passion for teens and ladies ministry. I desire to live the gospel to my husband, family, and others that God leads me to.
Utah // Writer
My name is Brian, and I'm a sinner and a saint, a citizen and a sojourner. I've been redeemed by a King who stood in my place in death to raise me to life. Jesus has blessed me with a beautiful and talented wife and helpmate, Lexy. Together, we have two (adorable) little boys named Ari Judah and Ira Lewis, our joy and blessing. I love to teach the Bible, write about Jesus, read books with lots of footnotes, and date my wife. I serve as the Lead Pastor of Refuge Church in Riverdale, Utah. You can find me at BRIANSAUVE.COM.



Mandalyn lives in the midwest with her boys: one husband, one son, and one fluffy dog. She loves mornings and black coffee and believes deeply tha there is beauty in the everyday, overlooked moments of life. Her greatest joy comes from sharing stories of real life without glossing over the messy parts, and sharing the story of hope that gets us through the messy parts. You can find her most often peering at the world through her camera, posting to Instagram or writing. Find her at MANDALYNRAEL.COM

Pennsylvania // Natural Living Writer

Though she grew up in the northeast suburbs of Philly, Heather is a country girl at heart and dreams of a day when she can move to a quaint little farm, complete with a vegetable garden, fresh eggs every morning, and maybe even a dairy cow. She holds a Bachelor's degree in both Bible and Elementary Education from Cairn University, and also attended their Wisconsin Wilderness Program. Instead of finding herself in a classroom, Heather spends her days running a portrait photography business, designing “floral” fruit arrangements, and loving on her son and daughter. She met her husband, Joel, at the summer camp where her family lived when she was 12 and he was 16. Little did either of them know what the Lord had in store. Her biggest goal is to live “life as mission,” being intentional about everyday interactions. She also has a heart for serving in women’s, youth, and music ministries. She loves anything and everything homemade, long summer days at the beach with a good book, cooking/baking, theology, roller coasters, and spending time with her family. One day when life slows down some, Heather may consider going back to school for a Master’s in discipleship counseling. Find her at HEATHERMARIEPORTRAITS.COM
Writer & Photographer // California
I am a mother to five children, three here on earth with me, and two in heaven. I have always created, spilling out my soul through images and words. But after losing our son Joshua during birth, the work of creation took on a much more pressing purpose for me. I searched for remaining beauty with my camera, poured out my grief with pen and paper and clung to the Word of God for life itself. The God of my childhood walked with me through the darkest days and has been faithful to heal. Because of Him I live a life eternal and thankful, homeschooling, creating, and adventuring with my family. Thirteen years ago when my husband and I met as college kids, we never imagined all the joy and sorrow we would journey through together, yet still we walk hand in hand. Always searching for the treasure of God’s grace and truth in this wild and wonderful world, I share all I think and feel through words scraped out on paper and images documenting it all. Find me at SHARONMCKEEMAN.COM

Utah // Writer

Sara is fifty percent storyteller, fifty percent church planter and one hundred percent committed to finding a gluten-free donut that actually tastes like the real thing. She is a self proclaimed thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie, which explains the transition she’s in the middle of with her worship pastor husband, on their way to plant a church in Salt Lake City, Utah. People and their stories are what make her heart beat, and nothing makes her feel more alive than radical life transformation that comes only from relationship with Jesus. She suffers from a severe case of wanderlust, and her husband would describe her as, “The only person I’ve ever known who can feel trapped inside of a whole city.” Often lost in a daydream, Sara’s favorite place to retreat to is inside of her imagination with the Creator of creativity. Find her at WONDERANDWANDERING.COM

DIY Writer // Pennsylvania
A self-proclaimed free spirit, Kriste prides herself on being a writer, blogger, and stylist—but more importantly a wife, daughter, sister, and friend. She has determined her mind from the pleading of her heart to walk away from a life hindered by a desk, chair, and computer, to seek an adventure in the greatest of unknowns. Often misunderstood, Kriste has developed a sense of longing for the pure and good—a desire to see families gather again around tables, for gardens to be planted, for homes to become nests, safe and warm, and for days to be soaked in what fills and satisfies the soul. Find her at ROSEMARY-AND-THYME.COM
Illinois // DIY Writer
Hello, my name is Robyn, but many call me Ro. I currently reside in the Midwest with my bearded hubby Noel, and our sweet sons Cohen and Ames. When I'm not working on designs, sipping on a chai or exploring with my boys, I try to make time for crocheting and mini dance parties. I'm blessed to have experienced Christ's boundless love in a real, tangible ways, and through that I'm finally becoming who I was created to be. Following Him truly has me on the greatest adventure of my life. Find me at PLUMBLOG.SQUARESPACE.COM

Illinois // Writer
Ann Swindell is a wife, mother, and writer who holds an MFA in creative writing and has taught college writing courses for five years. Ann writes for multiple publications -- including Deeply Rooted -- and she is passionate about seeing her generation set ablaze with the love of Christ. You can get to know her more at 

Texas // Recipe Writer

Betty Kilpatrick currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband Tim. While she has many professional accomplishments, her greatest joy continues to be the role of wife and mother to four grown “kids.” She has a background in Public Relations and founded Harrison Boulle, a source for fine china, crystal, linens and accessories. Her passion for anything relating to the table naturally extended into the culinary aspect. She worked at Cuisine Concepts testing recipes and cooking under chefs including Stephan Pyles, and Jacques Pepin. Betty started First Course catering in Fort Worth where she also conducted cooking classes. One of her culinary passions is cheese making specializing in locally sourced raw milk cheeses. Betty has a background in Biblical teaching having served in Bible Study Fellowship as a Discussion leader, Teaching Leader and Area Advisor for 28 years. She is currently preparing to publish her first cookbook.

California // Writer
Ashley Abramson is a full-time writer whose natural habitat is any combination of words and people. In addition to Deeply Rooted, she also contributes at Relevant and Huffington Post. Ashley, her husband, and their toddler son live in Redding, CA, where she works as a copywriter for a creative agency. Find her at ASHLEYABRAMSON.COM.


Florida // Writer
Lindsay is married to a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, and they are currently stationed in Florida with their two young children, Lucy and Lincoln. Lindsay earned a creative writing BFA in her home state of Minnesota and has worked as a newspaper reporter, elementary school teacher, and bookstore clerk. She now enjoys the sanctifying work of staying at home with her kids. In her spare time, Lindsay loves writing and blogging, portrait photography, cooking, tackling her ever-growing reading list, and adventuring with her family.

South Carolina // Writer
Audrey Ann Masur is an island girl with heartland roots, currently residing near Charleston, South Carolina. She met her firefighter husband on Guam, where she taught at a local Christian school and enjoyed teaching to and learning from students across Asia and the Micronesian islands. While travel adventures, antique shopping, and iced coffee are all on her agenda for “the perfect day,” Audrey Ann’s greatest desire is to make the hope of Jesus known and felt through her writing and in her everyday life. Find her at AUDREYANNMASUR.WORDPRESS.COM.


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