Digital - Issue 7: Legacy

Issue seven is called ​Legacy. 

We're all going to leave one, for better or for worse. Some of us don't think enough about the legacy we'll leave behind, while others try too hard to fashion legacies out of this world's dust. Yet a true and enduring legacy belongs not to the one who labors to shape it, but to the one who gives it up to be shaped by the hands of God.

  • Psalm 51: A Redeemed Legacy — The messy consequences of sin and how Christ's perfect legacy redeems us
  • Jesus: Treasures of Treasures  Fighting materialism for the sake of the Gospel
  • How to Find a Good Church— Essentials of a Church worth joining

"...tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders he has done." -Psalm 78:4

DETAILS // 126 pages or 63 spreads; 24 articles; PDF for phone, tablet, and desktop; interactive links; includes both spread format and single-page format

Cover photo by Candice Hackett

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