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A Page of Grace for Fathers

June 18, 2017

The rustling of paper made its way down the hallway from the room where my two-year-old was playing while I nursed her baby sister. Concerned, I hollered, “Sweetheart, please come here!” Crinkling accompanied each one of her little steps as she clumsily clambered up the stairs. When she reached the threshold of the baby’s nursery I saw that her pajamas were crammed full of paper wads.  

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Mothering Broken

May 23, 2017

My soul bears the wounds of fighting for my daughter’s trust and the yearning to experience joy in mothering. My lachrymose entry into motherhood is marked with darkness and deep sorrow caused by shame and depression. To forget means forgetting the way God tenderly brought me low to rescue me from a deep pit of despair.   Read More