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15 Jan, 2015

Washed Away

Since childhood, the compulsion to wash my hands constantly throughout the day, whether they were dirty or not, plagued me. I can trace the habit's genesis back to the time of my parents' separation when I was ten. In the midst of an emotional maelstrom, hearing two sides of a sad story, and feeling torn right down the middle, I experienced a loss of security and sense of control. I'm no psychologist, but I believe my subconscious was searching for a way to regain some of that control. I couldn't clean up the mess in my life, but I could clean my hands. And I did. I scrubbed them until they cracked and bled...
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02 Oct, 2014

The Amnesia of Grace

If you are one that is “churched” in America today, there is a chance that you have walked down an aisle or prayed a prayer of repentance of sin and asked the Lord Jesus to come into your life. There is no moment so sweet to the Christian as the moment they understood what sin is, what sin has done to their life, and that they are forgiven by the blood of Jesus’ death on the cross. I hold mine as the most important transforming moment in my life...
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